Welcome to my blog!

I closed my interior shop, webshop and upholstery in Midsommarkransen, Stockholm in march 2019, been with Note Design Studio for two years and from 2021 I’m now freelance with styling, interior and curtains and enjoying building and exploring our life on the countryside in Lagnö, Sörmland.

This is my blog where I from time to time collect nice stuff that makes my heart stop for a second and sometimes a glimse of a work I feel of sharing.

Mimmi Staaf
Lagnö Gård, Drängstugan
619 91 Trosa
+46 (0)736 989 329

Instagram @mimmistaaf

2 Kommentarer

  1. Hej. Söker någon som kan klä om min morfars gungstol och fotpall. Har fint tyg av Josef Frank. Kan det vara intressant? Finns i Malmö.


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